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2024 Moscow Textile Machinery Exhibition, Russia
2024 Moscow Textile Machinery Exhibition, Russia
Time: 2024.03.11-03.14
Location: Moscow, Russia
2024 Moscow Textile Machinery Exhibition, Russia
Exhibition introduction
Moscow Textile Machinery Exhibition (INLEGMASH) is the most professional textile industry exhibition in Russia; It is an influential industry-wide event for professionals in the textile and apparel industry. The exhibition provides professional equipment for all aspects of the textile industry from raw material processing to finished product packaging, and unites manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of light industry equipment and products.

Russia Moscow Textile Machinery Exhibition (INLEGMASH) last exhibition total area of 16000 square meters, 330 exhibitors are from China, the United States, Germany, Poland, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, etc., the number of exhibitors amounted to 9600 people.

It is the only exhibition in Russia that features modern machinery for light industry. INLEGMASH is part of the Russian Textile Week, which brings together major events in the industry. It is an international exhibition of light industrial equipment and technology with a focus on the textile industry.

Data of last exhibition
Exhibition area
Number of viewers
Exhibit Scope
Textile manufacturing equipment: equipment for man-made fibres, primary processing equipment for natural fibres, equipment for the production of yarns made from natural and man-made fibres, preparation equipment for the manufacture of natural and man-made textiles, winding and winding equipment, weaving equipment, finishing equipment for textile manufacturing, other machinery for textile manufacturing, knitting manufacturing equipment
Clothing manufacturing equipment: clothing manufacturing machinery, CAD/CAM system, wet and heat treatment equipment
Equipment for the production of technical textiles and nonwovens: medical textiles, sanitary and environmental sanitation equipment, manufacturing equipment for nonwovens and technical textiles, equipment for the manufacture of man-made fibres and threads
Testing and measurement, auxiliary equipment parts and materials: handling facilities and equipment, packaging and labeling machines, equipment maintenance and upgrading, R&d, recycling textile industry
General Categories: Footwear and Leather Accessories Manufacturing Equipment, Spare Parts, Components and Hardware, Apparel Accessories and Accessories