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EXPOTEXTIL MAQ-XVI Textile and Garment Industry Machinery Exhibition 2023
EXPOTEXTIL MAQ-XVI Textile and Garment Industry Machinery Exhibition 2023
Time: 2023.10.26~29
Location: Peru
Market introduction
Expotextil Peru 2023 has not only returned with greater strength and a wider format since its last session, but also consolidated its position as the most complete information and trade promotion platform for the textile and apparel industry in the country; But most importantly, bringing the country's most important industries and micro, small, medium and large companies on the same platform, including their manufacturing: product, process, technology or otherwise, is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).
They all have the same goal:
To be the world's sustainable development provider.

What is our commitment?
The Expo strives to develop the whole textile and garment exhibition on the basis of 4.0 technology, sustainable development and circular economy, through:
Participate in national fairs with the support of unions, institutions, academia and the state.
Strengthen the sustainability and recycling of Msmes
Through liaison with trade associations and associations, textile communities are formed to prove them and achieve their unified participation in the fair.
Promoting Peruvian ancestral culture, purposeful entrepreneurs and sustainable fashion. To promote trade awareness and publicity on textile waste management and the use and/or disposal of second-hand garments.
In exhibitions and conferences, combine new technologies and developments in Industry 4.0 and robotics to achieve short, medium and long-term goals.
What about our vision?
To be the reference fair for textile suppliers and manufacturers in the region and for the global sustainable and recycled textile and garment industry.
Exhibition introduction
XVI - Textile and Clothing Industry Machinery and Equipment Pavilion is the largest exhibition of the most advanced machinery and equipment as well as accessories and spare parts for the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industry.

X Gallery is a manufacturer and supplier of digital sublimation, textile printing and textile silk screen chain. In its X edition, it will bring together suppliers of machinery, equipment, inks, plates, paper, pulp, transfers, grids and services related to this new industry.
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