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The 4th Cairo International Spinning Machines and Fabrics Exhibition
The 4th Cairo International Spinning Machines and Fabrics Exhibition
Time: 2023.09.22~24
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Exhibition introduction
 The 4th MACHITEX Cairo - Cairo International Textile Loom to be held from 22 to 24 September 2023
The Expo will be supported by a delegation of professional buyers from African countries. Thousands of visitors will gather under the eaves of Machitex in Cairo, in collaboration with the International Textile and Fashion Federation and association bodies from the Middle East and Africa. Professional visitors from more than 15 countries will be welcomed, and about 400 exhibitors will display their latest technology machines and products at the expo. Egypt, the "gateway to Africa and the Middle East," has a free trade agreement with African and Middle Eastern countries, which offers great advantages to importers and exporters of textile machinery.
As a textile producer, Egypt has a large textile industry and its economy is growing every year in international trade, with textile products being one of the largest import items. Machitex Cairo has an excellent platform to enter the market and participants will be able to take advantage of all these opportunities. Buyers' representatives and professional audiences consisted mainly of textile mill owners and general managers.
Data of last exhibition
Audience size
Exhibition country
Number of exhibitors
Exhibit Scope
Textile machinery, spinning machine, embroidery machine, knitting machine, sewing machine, braiding machine, accessories, weaving factory machinery, textile finishing machine
Testing equipment, measuring equipment
Information technology, software, digital technology
Control engineering
Packaging machinery
Textile printing, yarn, fiber, chemical fiber
Twisting machine, non-grinding machine technology, wear preparation requirements
Laboratory instrument
Transport equipment
Storage technology
Data processing unit