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2023 Colombia Clothing and Sewing Equipment Exhibition
2023 Colombia Clothing and Sewing Equipment Exhibition
Time: 2023.05.09-05.11
Location: Colombia South America
2023 Colombia Clothing and Sewing Equipment Exhibition
Exhibition introduction
The Colombia Clothing and Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CREATEX) is the most comprehensive textile exhibition in Colombia and the Caribbean. It is a great opportunity for high-quality exhibitors from South America and the Caribbean in the fields of textile machinery, fabric design, clothing creativity and home textile manufacturing. It is also an ideal platform for the whole industry to release new products, latest trends and designs of home fabrics, cloth art, clothing and interior decoration.

Colombia Clothing and sewing equipment Exhibition (CREATEX) last exhibition total area of 16000 square meters, 350 exhibitors are from Brazil, Belgium, Panama, Mexico, the United States, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Kenya, China, etc., the number of participants amounted to 11000 people.

Colombia Clothing and sewing equipment exhibition (CREATEX) for South America and the Caribbean market, more trade opportunities to show their own image, understand the latest trends in the Caribbean region. A supplier platform focused on products and services related to the textile and apparel industry. Promote the development of the market as the goal, set supply and demand in one, so that exhibitors from their respective business areas to find suitable solutions for their own needs.
Data of last exhibition
Exhibition area
Number of viewers
Exhibit Scope
Fiber and yarn: cotton, silk, wool, hemp, spandex, tencel, polyester cotton, polyester, acetic acid, nylon, polyester viscose, etc
Clothing fabrics: cotton, blended, artificial fiber, denim, silk and other clothing fabrics
Decorative fabrics: curtain cloth, curtain fringes, curtain accessories, table cloth, furniture fabric, furniture decorative fabric, wall decoration fabric, etc
Clothing: all kinds of men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, leisure sports clothing, knitted clothing, leather clothing, youth clothing, cowboy clothing, bathrobe, swimsuit, underwear, T-shirt, pajamas, etc
Clothing accessories: headdress, shawl, scarf, tie, belt, sunglasses, shoes and socks, hat, incense, etc
Accessories: buttons, embroidery, lace, pattern, ribbon, cloth label, zipper, tailor supplies, etc
Textile machinery: spinning machine, shuttle weaving machine, knitting machine, hosiery machine, embroidery machine and spare parts, etc
Sewing equipment, etc