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2024 Texprocess Addis Ababa Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition
2024 Texprocess Addis Ababa Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition
Time: 2024.11.08-11.11
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2024 Texprocess Addis Ababa Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition
Market introduction
Ethiopia's textile and garment industry is undergoing significant development, attributed to its inexpensive and skilled labor force. Over the past few years, the remarkable economic growth in the country has fueled rapid advancements in the textile and clothing sectors. The widespread availability of cotton and other natural fibers, coupled with Ethiopia's strong domestic, regional, and international market ties, demonstrates its immense export potential. In recent years, the export scale of Ethiopian clothing, yarns, textile fabrics, and cultural attire has continuously expanded, attracting substantial foreign investment. International textile and clothing brands like PVH, H&M, and prominent Chinese companies such as Wuxi Yimian and Jiangsu Yangguang have entered the market, contributing significantly to the development of Ethiopia's textile vertical industry chain.

The Ethiopian government is committed to transforming Ethiopia into a regional hub for textile and service industries, leveraging various preferential policies to attract OEM manufacturers and create a new market production center. The government aims to achieve a target of $30 billion in textile and clothing exports in the next 10 to 15 years, which would significantly address the employment needs. According to ITC data, Ethiopia's total textile and clothing exports have surpassed $100 million, with textile exports at $30 million and clothing exports reaching $70 million. This shows a remarkable 477.4% increase over the past 8 years, with more than half of the major products exported to the European Union and the United States. Ethiopia's textile and clothing imports have exceeded $650 million, with China being the primary source, accounting for over 75% of Ethiopia's textile and clothing imports, mainly consisting of synthetic fibers, fabrics, and garments.

The textile and clothing industry holds a pivotal position in Ethiopia's strategies for attracting foreign investment, boosting exports, and overall industrial development. Due to the government's efforts in constructing industrial parks as part of its development strategy to expedite industrialization, textile and clothing enterprises have concentrated in industrial parks around the capital city of Addis Ababa, forming the general distribution of the current textile and clothing industry chain.

2024 Texprocess Addis Ababa Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition

Exhibition introduction
The Ethiopian Textile and Flexible Materials Sewing Processing Exhibition, as the only exhibition in Africa dedicated to the textile industry, provides an ideal platform for renowned machinery and chemical brands in the textile, clothing, and dyeing industries to promote and trade their products. Over the years, the Ethiopian Textile and Flexible Materials Sewing Processing Exhibition have attracted numerous buyers and investors from the cotton spinning, textile, clothing, and processing machinery industries. Hundreds of companies have participated in the exhibition, showcasing their products and innovative technologies, drawing in thousands of professional attendees. Exhibiting companies come from nearly 30 countries and regions, including European and American countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, and France. Additionally, Asian countries such as China, India, Israel, and Japan, as well as African countries like Nigeria and Mauritius, are also represented.
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Exhibit Scope
Textile machinery: Other mechanical equipment, control and monitoring, purification and regeneration technology, CAD CAM software design, circulation technology, process accessories, experimental measurement equipment, quality control, nanotechnology
Textile processing: manufacturing processing, finishing technology, textile machinery, coating equipment, film covering equipment, bonding and separation equipment, processing of incoming materials, cutting, production, finishing after
Related others: microsystem technology, textile care, packaging technology and machinery, handling technology, associations, media, information technology, research, development, planning, consulting