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2023 Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition
2023 Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition
Time: 2023.11.03-11.06
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2023 Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition
Exhibition introduction
Ethiopia Textile and Garment Exhibition (ASFW) is the largest and most influential textile and garment machinery exhibition in Africa. As the domestic market demand continues to expand, the capacity of its textile, leather and other industries continues to expand, resulting in a shortage of related raw materials. In response, the country's Ministry of industry will import a large number of chemical fiber, textile, leather and other industrial raw materials.

Ethiopia Textile and Clothing Exhibition ASFW last exhibition total area of 20000 square meters, 426 exhibitors are from China, the United States, Mexico, Russia, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Spain, Pakistan, etc., the number of exhibitors reached 20000 people.

The textile and garment industry in Ethiopia is experiencing significant development. ASFW is once again showcasing industry solutions in the fields of textiles and apparel, processing technology, home textiles and procurement. The wide availability of cotton and other natural fibers, as well as Ethiopia's strong links with local, interregional and international markets, offer a huge export potential.
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Exhibition area
Number of viewers
Exhibit Scope
Textile machinery: Other mechanical equipment, control and monitoring, purification and regeneration technology, CAD CAM software design, circulation technology, process accessories, experimental measurement equipment, quality control, nanotechnology
Textile processing: manufacturing processing, finishing technology, textile machinery, coating equipment, film covering equipment, bonding and separation equipment, processing of incoming materials, cutting, production, finishing after
Related others: microsystem technology, textile care, packaging technology and machinery, handling technology, associations, media, information technology, research, development, planning, consulting