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2023 Turkey Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition
2023 Turkey Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition
Time: 2023.09.21-09.24
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
2023 Turkey Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition
Exhibition introduction
Turkey Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (IGM) is the most influential international exhibition of garment machinery parts and sub-industries in the Middle East, bringing together all the technologies used in garment and readymade garment production. A communication platform for exhibitors and top buyers from all sectors of textile and garment manufacturing, involving different brands, all kinds of clothing and industrial fields.

Turkey Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (IGM), the latest technology platform for cutting-edge textile and garment machinery, aims to explore new ideas, seek new solutions for sustainable development and create win-win opportunities for cooperation. It promotes the reform and innovation of the industry, brings together the latest cutting-edge technology, and is an important event for the exchange of global sellers and buyers.

Turkey's spinning output is the third in the first world in Europe, and its textile fabric output is the fifth in the second world in Europe, among which the woven fabric output is the second in the first world in Europe (second only to China). Turkey has the largest investment in post-textile finishing industry in Europe, and its production capacity is the third in the world, after China and India. In the past, Turkey was dominated by European textile machinery, but with the gradual enhancement of the performance and competitiveness of Chinese textile machinery products, more and more textile enterprises in Turkey and surrounding countries began to consider choosing Chinese textile machinery products. Turkey Textile and clothing Machinery Exhibition (IGM) provides a rare opportunity for overseas enterprises to enter and develop the Middle East market, know and consolidate new and old customers.
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Cotton and fibre preparation machinery, spinning preparation machinery, spinning winding, twisting and texturing machinery, nonwovens machinery and techniques, weaving preparation machinery, weaving machinery, tuft and carpet weaving machinery, narrow machine looms, rope and cordage machinery, flat and round knitting machinery, stocking machinery, embroidery machinery, quilting machines, spinning and fabric dyeing and finishing machinery, washing, bleaching, drying machinery, folding Stacking and rolling machinery, Textile Chemicals, Laboratory equipment, CAD-CAM-CIM applications and automation systems, Textile printing machinery, digital printing machinery, textile printing and dyeing dyes and chemicals, auxiliary machines and accessories, compressors, generators, dye and finishing machinery, professional publications, educational institutions, others