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Main Business

1. Exhibition Services

  • International Exhibition Consultation ;
  • International Business Conference and Factories Field Trip;
  • Business Matching & Translation Services;
  • Show Marketing & Promotion ;
  • Booth Design and Construction ;
  • International Hotel & Air Ticket Booking;
  • International freight forwarding;

2. Magazine Publishing

  • MEGA CHINA marketing & promotion business for domestic suppliers ;
  • MEGA CHINA buyer’s data collection & business match- making ;

3. International Trade and Investment Consulting

  • Buyers Data Analysis
  • Industry Market News
  • International Trade Environment Analysis

International Exhibition consultation

We will provide enterprises with the latest information of international trade fairs and recommend the most suitable international trade fairs according to their products and customers. Our company has a wide range of exhibition projects, countries, regions and specialties. We have cooperated with the major exhibition organizers at home and abroad for a long time. We can inquire and know a hundred things to meet the needs of exhibitors. The well-known expositions we have carefully selected will become the best shortcut for participating enterprises to meet new trade merchants and open up the international market!

Business investigation abroad

In order to let the exhibitors better and more accurately understand the latest trends and popular trends of similar products in foreign markets, we will arrange a business inspection route after the exhibition, so that the exhibitors can have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of similar products in supermarkets and department stores in participating countries and surrounding countries.

Booth design and construction

Our company is responsible for the design, decoration, construction and related work of various exhibition booths in foreign countries. If your booth needs special decoration, we will contact the most fashionable and practical stand design and construction company in foreign countries for you to do all-round packaging for your booth. From the decoration design and effect planning evaluation before the exhibition, to the overall layout of the exhibition hall and booth construction and decoration during the exhibition, our company will provide you with a complete set of booth decoration design services.

Ground service booking

After the exhibition, our company will consult most exhibitors for suggestions and arrange a classic route according to its industry characteristics, so that you can not only appreciate the foreign regional customs and broaden your vision, but also collect valuable market information of the industry after the intense and busy exhibition.

International Hotel Reservation

Our company cooperates with the world’s authoritative tourism organizations to provide you with luxury and comfortable business hotels for overseas exhibitions. Whether you are business, sightseeing or vacation, whether you are from Europe, America, Canada, Japan, three-star to five-star, from urban area to seaside resort hotel, we can meet your different needs and provide convenient and thoughtful services for your vacation and business travel.

International air ticket booking

Due to the strong strength and good reputation established by the company for a long time, it maintains close cooperative relationship with major airlines in the world. We will book a set of best routes for you according to your itinerary requirements and in combination with the specific conditions of flight and class. Sufficient seats, preferential price is your comfortable and safe choice.


The purpose of on-site interpretation is to introduce the nature and characteristics of the exhibitor company, products and services in detail, and answer the questions raised by visitors. You can reserve the translation language you need before the exhibition, and we will arrange it for you.


Mega China is a journal that provides international exhibition promotion, market investment analysis, overseas exhibition guide and enterprise advertising services for Chinese enterprises. The publication is published in the form of various industry special issues, which are mainly distributed at the world’s major well-known exhibitions. The distribution objects are professional purchasers from all over the world, and they are mailed to industry associations of various countries through multiple channels. They have been widely welcomed by exhibition organizers, buyers from various countries and Chinese exhibitors.

Exhibition business matching

The buyer matching center is to help you find buyers, help you develop the market and realize the rapid matching of buyers! If you are an exhibitor, you can attract more potential buyers online or communicate with yourself during an exhibition by displaying your products in detail online. For the buyer who has an appointment request, you can also do the pre audit evaluation to prepare the exhibits and quotation for your business negotiation!

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