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Mega China is an international magazine dedicated to promoting Chinese products in international exhibitions. For Chinese manufacturers, Mega China is a platform to promote their products and international marketing; For overseas buyers, Mega China is a good way to know more about Chinese products and manufacturers without international travel.

Mega China helps to bring more opportunities in international trade. In textile and textile machinery industries, Mega China collected all featured products and original suppliers in China, then distributed at more than 10 key international exhibitions every year.

Mega China opens up international market for you

We choose international authoritative exhibition for distribution. More than ten international professional textile and garment equipment exhibitions are held in one year, which are distributed throughout the venue, so that you can enjoy the international market without leaving home. Professional market, professional buyers, to ensure the effectiveness of each magazine publicity, audience focus.

At the exhibition site, visitors registration office, professional booth and the flow of staff distribution, purchasers can get magazines free of charge through business cards. A wide range of convenient communication channels make our magazine have a large number of readers.

Advantages of mega China

Why Choose Mega China?

For Chinese Enterprises:

  1. Compare with attend an international exhibition, lower cost in promotion and marketing;
  2. A platfrom to promote products in more international exhibitions and explore the new potential market;
  3. Helps to collect the information of target buyers in different countries;
  4. Guide more visitors to exhibitors’ booth, bring more business opportunities;

For International Buyers:

  1. Find the interested products and qualified suppliers much more easier;
  2. Helps to reduce the sourcing cost;
  3. Easier to find the original suppliers without long time international travel;
  4. Foucs on textile & textile machinery, garment machinery, best solution and professional guide in global souring.
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