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13th Central Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition – CAITME 2021

13 – 15 April 2021

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


CAITME is a unique specialized international exhibition for the textile and clothing industry technologies in the Central Asian region and, according to an independent audit, it is the largest exhibition of this profile in the CIS region.

The exhibition demonstrates innovation trends and new achievements in textile machinery engineering and technologies from the leading manufacturers covering the entire production chain – from yarn up to ready garments.

Over 13 years, CAITME exhibition has been contributing to the global processes of upgrading and modernizing the existing, as well as creation of new highly efficient production facilities manufacturing high added value products in one of the leading industries of Uzbekistan – textile and garment industry take the second position in the industrial production volume of the country.

Annually, the recognized leaders of textile machinery engineering and suppliers of the most advanced technologies from Europe and Asia participate in the exhibition. The National expositions and pavilions of Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, South Korea and China are being organised regularly.

The event is supported by the key national ministries and agencies. The high rank officials of the Uzbek Government annually attend it. CAITME is the most important and anticipated event in the calendar of all industry experts of the region.

First of all, CAITME has a unique target audience. It is visited by over 9 000 visitors annually, 95% of them are industry experts.

Within the framework of the exhibition, an Extensive Business Program is being implemented. It includes the International Uzbekistan Textile Conference (UTC), numerous rounds of B2G and B2B meetings, master classes, road shows, workshops and presentations from the leading advanced technologies producers and suppliers.

Over the years, the exhibition has become the most significant and efficient trade and business platform for “first hand” purchasing, live demos of the latest technological solutions and innovations, productive dialogue between the leading producers and suppliers of machinery and their customers – textile and garment manufacturers of the region.

Why Exhibit

It is expected that in 2021 CAITME will be visited by more than 9 000 specialists from 25 countries.

Participation in CAITME exhibition will allow your company to:

  • Introduce your product to the market of Uzbekistan – the most dynamically developing textile and garment businesses market in Central Asia with a population of more than 34 million people;
  • Attract a huge target audience of specialists from all over Uzbekistan, given that at present this industry consists of over 7 000 enterprises and it employs 365 thousand people;
  • Attract specialists from other countries of the Central Asian region with whom you can meet only in Tashkent;
  • Deliver the information about the benefits of your products to all potential customers interested in procurement;
  • Increase the sales and expand its geography through the development of dealer and distribution networks in all regions of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries;
  • Demonstrate to the target audience the latest developments and technological innovations in operation – live demos;
  • Assess the demand for your products, evaluate the competitive environment and receive valuable feedback from the representatives of the target audience;
  • Attract attention to your brand and increase its recognition;
  • Build and maintain a reputation as a successful, reliable and stable company.

During the year, the exhibition is accompanied by a rich advertising campaign to attract targeted visitors:

  • targeted advertising on social networks;
  • direct-mail over the database of Uzbek and foreign companies;
  • advertising in leading industry media, professional portals and forums;
  • SMS-mailings on the basis of industry specialists;
  • and much more.

Why visit

CAITME exhibition provides a great opportunity to familiarize yourself and choose the most up-to-date advanced equipment, machinery, devices or technologies necessary for solving your business tasks, find reliable partners among the world leaders, receive “first hand” information on the latest achievements, innovations, technological processes without leaving the country.

85% of visitors confirmed the importance of the exhibition for exploring the market potential and trends.

By visiting the exhibition, you get a unique chance to:

  • See the “live demos” of machines, equipment, devices and components and receive an expert advice on their operation;
  • Study and assess a wide range of the presented latest technological solutions by countries, capacities and prices in a short period of time and as a result, to make a prompt decision on procurement;
  • Study market conditions and get new ideas for your own production processes;
  • Establish new business contacts and strengthen relationships with existing partners;
  • Get acquainted with new modern global trends and best-sellers in the field of textile machinery engineering and textile production technologies;
  • Make a deal by receiving first-hand offers and taking advantage of “special offers” at the exhibition;
  • Become agents / distributors of well-known manufacturers and brands;
  • Get technical knowledge;
  • Discuss business issues in an objective and neutral business environment;
  • Compile and update the database;
  • Launch collaboration on joint ventures;
  • Receive an access to various information services and sources.




    • Machinery for spinning preparation
    • Spinning and twisting machinery for natural and chemical fibres, equipment for wool, felt, non-woven fabrics, coated, laminated fabrics and rope production
    • Spoolers, reeling, texturing and winding machinery
    • Weaving preparatory machinery, weaving and tufting machinery
    • Knitting and hosiery machinery
    • Washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing machinery and technologies
    • Embroidery and braiding machinery
    • Cutting and sewing machinery
    • Rolling, folding, packaging machinery
    • Machinery for buttons and other accessories manufacturing
    • Miscellaneous textile machinery
    • Controlling, inspecting and measuring equipment, laboratory and testing equipment
    • Accessories for textile machinery
    • Leather and shoe production equipment
    • CAD/CAM, software and automation
    • Equipment for recycling, water treatment, waste reduction and environmental protection
    • Dyestuffs and chemicals
    • Technical services, pre and after sales services for the textile and garment industry


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