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2023 Vietnam Hanoi Textile Fabrics and clothing Industry Exhibition
2023 Vietnam Hanoi Textile Fabrics and clothing Industry Exhibition
Time: 2023.10.25-10.27
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
2023 Vietnam Hanoi Textile Fabrics and clothing Industry Exhibition
Exhibition introduction
Hanoi Textile and Clothing Industry Exhibition (HANOITEX) is a famous textile and clothing brand exhibition in Vietnam. It will provide a good opportunity for enterprises that intend to expand the Southeast Asian market. It is also the largest textile industry exhibition and sales platform in Vietnam. The number of exhibitors and visitors is increasing year by year.

HANOITEX last exhibition covers a total area of 15,000 square meters, 356 exhibitors are from China, Germany, India, Pakistan, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, etc., the number of exhibitors reached 20,000 people.

HANOITEX product category covers raw materials for textile industry, cloth, fiber, textile yarn, wool, buttons, zippers, ribbons, labels, machinery and related products.
Data of last exhibition
Exhibit Scope
Textile machinery and parts: knitting machinery and parts; Spinning machine; Shuttle loom and shuttle-free loom; Chemical fiber machinery and equipment; Knitting machine, hosiery machine, rapier loom; Wool, silk, linen and cotton textile machinery; Printing machine; Jacquard machine; Bleaching and dyeing machinery; Textile textile storage equipment; Instruments and equipment; Spindle bearing; Filature machines and coils; Air conditioning, humidification, isolation system; Processing and finishing equipment, etc
Garment machinery and parts: ironing, folding, packaging machinery; Embroidery machinery; Sewing machine; Auxiliary material machinery; Quilting machine; Dyeing and dressing machinery; Clipping tool; CAD/CAM system, etc
Textile FABRICS: FIBER, monofilament and RAW materials: cellulose and finished products, man-made fiber, cotton silk wool, ramie flax, nylon, polyester fiber, leather, leather, synthetic materials, woven/knitted fabrics, etc
Cloth: bed linen, quilt cover, blanket, tablecloth, decorative cloth, kitchen textile cloth, upholstery cloth, wall decoration
Accessories: straps, buttons, artificial diamond accessories, ribbons, badges, buttons, buttons, buttons, zippers, beads, lace, shoulder pads, etc
Others: Printing and dyeing, woolen goods, quality verification, cost management