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2023 Pakistan Textile Machinery and Textile Fabrics Exhibition
2023 Pakistan Textile Machinery and Textile Fabrics Exhibition
Time: 2023.10.13-10.15
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
2023 Pakistan Textile Machinery and Textile Fabrics Exhibition
Exhibition introduction
Pakistan TEXTILE Machinery and Textile Fabrics Exhibition (TEXTILE ASIA) is Pakistan's most influential textile industry exhibition. It has received strong support from the government and various organizations, including Sindh Government, Karachi City Government, All-Pakistan Textile Factory Federation, Pakistan Cotton Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Pakistan Knitwear and Sweater Exporters Association, Pakistan Readymade Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Pakistan Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Pakistan Bed Fabric Exporters Association, etc.

The last exhibition covers a total area of 30,000 square meters, with 550 exhibitors from Turkey, China, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belgium, India, Japan, etc., and the number of exhibitors reaches 33,800 people.

Under the support of all parties in Pakistan and the organizer's conscientious spirit of organizing the exhibition, Pakistan TEXTILE machinery and textile fabrics exhibition TEXTILE ASIA will be better and better, is a rare platform for enterprises to enter the Pakistani textile market.
Data of last exhibition
Exhibition area
Number of viewers
Exhibit Scope
Textile machinery and accessories: automatic winding, recording and conveying system; Auxiliary equipment; Washing and bleaching machinery; Additives, dyes; Circular needle machine, machine needle; Fabric handling machinery and accessories; Roving machine, rope making machine; Coating machine, printing machine, combined machine; Double twist machine, crimp machine; Horizontal knitting machine for fiber and yarn; Horizontal machine needle, row needle; Post-processing machinery; Leveling and bending knitting machines and conveying equipment; Circular flat knitting machine, decorative machine; Steam engines, heat transfer equipment; Steaming, mounting and wetting machinery; Testing and folding machinery; Knitting machines and accessories; Net weaving machine for blankets and non-woven fabrics; Man-made fiber and silk thread processing machines; Air pressure device, air conditioning device; Cotton yarn, wool, woolen yarn processing machinery; Spinning machine and accessories; Shedding machine and shedding device; Regulating device and experimental equipment; Cloth dryers and dryers; Binding and wrapping machine; Transmission, post-processing, packaging equipment and weaving and binding machinery; Water spinning machines, weaving machines and accessories; Winding machine; Yarn dyeing machinery and instruments; Yarn processing machinery and accessories
Textile chemicals: dyes, pigments, textile chemicals, etc
Clothing, embroidery machinery: automatic operating systems, machinery and accessories; Sewing machine, embroidery machine; Sewing pre-treatment and post-finishing equipment and systems; Industrial and domestic sewing machinery; Clothing production control and conveying equipment; Plate-making and plate-making system, cutting equipment; Sewing machine parts; Special equipment parts, etc.; Dry cleaning and ironing equipment; Chemical agent
Computer aided equipment and technology: design, data monitoring software and testing systems; CAD, CAM/CIM processing software