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2023 Mexico Textile Machinery Exhibition
2023 Mexico Textile Machinery Exhibition
Time: 2023.10.01-10.01
Location: Puebla, Mexico
2023 Mexico Textile Machinery Exhibition
Exhibition introduction
Mexico Textile Machinery Exhibition (EXINTEX) is the largest and most professional textile fabric and clothing machinery exhibition in Mexico. Founded in 1991, it is also one of the most important textile industry exhibitions in Latin America. Target audience Manufacturers, trading companies, wholesalers, retailers, agents, designers, purchasing departments.

Mexico Textile Machinery Exhibition (EXINTEX) last exhibition total area of 30,000 square meters, 615 exhibitors are from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Dubai, Australia, etc., the number of exhibitors amounted to 45,000 people.

The textile and garment industry is the pillar industry of Mexico's economic development. At present, there are about 2800 enterprises in the textile and garment industry in Mexico. Mexico's textile and apparel industry has a relatively complete range of products, including all kinds of yarns, fabrics, home textiles, non-woven fabrics and all kinds of clothing. Mexico textile machinery exhibition (EXINTEX) is a good time for Chinese enterprises to enter the Mexican market.
Data of last exhibition
Exhibition area
Number of viewers
Exhibit Scope
Textile machinery: front spinning machinery, handcrafted fiber production, spinning machinery and accessories; Winding, deformation, twisting machinery and accessories; Knitting and hosiery, knitting and embroidery machinery and spare parts; Washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing, cutting, winding and folding equipment and related supporting facilities; Nonwovens netting, bonding, finishing, shrinkage machinery and accessories; Weaving preparation, weaving, tufting machinery
Garment machinery: sewing machine, sewing machine transmission and control system, sewing machine motor, locking machine, sewing machine accessories and parts, cutting equipment, laser equipment; CAD/CAM/CIM system; Garment manufacturing machinery, ironing and steam dyeing equipment and accessories, grinders, knives and scissors, labeling machines, washing machines, leather machinery
Fabric: woven, knitted, chemical fiber, printed, hemp, silk/silk imitation, wool imitation, functional fabric, lace, yarn, fabric, embroidery fabric, etc
Accessories: needle, pin, lock, rack, hook, buckle, lace, elastic band, ribbon, ornament, label, eshoulder interlining, zipper, thread belt, sign, button, webbing, lace, hanger, etc
Others: textile dyes, chemicals, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, etc